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Scald-Preventing Coffee Mugs

Scald-Preventing Coffee Mugs

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This ingenious heat-sensitive mug design could mean that you never scald yourself with hot coffee again.

The concept is incredibly simple. When a beverage is too hot, the lid of the heat-sensitive mug will expand and touch the user’s nose if they try to drink the scorching hot beverage. At that point, it’s your own fault for ignoring the warning if you scald your mouth. Once the temperature drops to a more manageable 60 degrees Celsius, the lid begins to return to its normal size. The lid expands to full size at 80 degrees Celsius and above. 

The design comes from designers Yang Dongyun, Wu Yichen, Sang Xinxin, Gu Zhiyu and Lin Xia and the heat-sensitive mug took home a Red Dot Award for design excellence.

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