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How to Keep your Water Bottles from Freezing in Winter

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How to Keep your Water Bottles from Freezing in Winter


If you’re in a harsh environment like this, there are a few ways you can prevent your water from freezing at night.

  1. If there’s snow, bury your full water bottle or bladders in it. Snow is an excellent insulator, and it will prevent your water from freezing overnight. I got this tip from Allen & Mike’s Really Cool Backcountry Ski Book: Traveling & Camping Skills for a Winter Environment. It’s an incredible winter camping guide.
  2. Sleep with your water bottle in your sleeping bag.
  3. Use water bottles or water bladders with a very wide mouth, like BPA-free Nalgene Canteens. These are available in a variety of sizes, like the 96 oz. version shown here. The wide mouth inhibits freezing at the top and freezing of the threads, so you can open the bladder to take a drink.
  4. Turn your water bottles or bladders upside down. This will prevent them from freezing around the top, especially during the day when you’re hiking.


Chicago's OnTap along with Fastbreak Beverages provider of  5 - Gallon BPA free water bottles, water cooler company knows how important it is to keep you take along water bottles from freezing in the car or on long hikes.





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