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5- Gallon BPA Free Water Bottles Purified by Reverse Osmosis

5-Gallon BPA Free Water Bottles

Purified by Reverse Osmosis


OnTap along with FastBreak Beverages BPA free 5-Gallon water bottles are always filled with "Reverse Osmosis Water" at no extra charge along with "BPA free water bottles". Not sure what "Reverse Osmosis Water" or "BPA free water bottles" mean? Please see our descriptions in layman terms below.

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"Reverse osmosis is a way to get small particles out of water by forcing it through a sheet of something (a membrane). The particles in the water are left on the other side of the sheet, while the water travels through it. This is best known as a process used for purifying salt water, but it can also be used to purify other substances "

"BPA or bisphenol A, is a synthetic chemical compound used to make some plastics and resins that are used in manufacturing numerous products we use in our daily lives. Many plastic containers are suspect, from water bottles and baby bottles to food storage containers, toys, and some medical implements, but it is not only these items that are of concern. Things like liners in cans of food or baby formula are also potentially problematic.

BPA is said by some to also be an environmental contaminant, having been reported in water and sediment at various" levels. Many believe that even low-level exposure can be dangerous, as has been shown in some studies with animals. Some studies link BPA exposure to different types of cancers as well as other diseases and disorders. The threats of breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, obesity, and miscarriage may be exacerbated by BPA exposure, and it may increase hyperactivity according to some studies.

I hope this clarifies the importance of BPA free along with the the best purifying measures to ensure clean safe water brought to you at no additional charge by OnTap.

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